Investor FAQs
What does IPG Photonics do?
When was IPG founded?
What is the Company's growth strategy?
What are the advantages of fiber lasers?
Where is IPG located?
What is the Company's ticker symbol and where is the stock traded?
What products does IPG offer?
Who are IPG's customers?
How are IPG's products sold and distributed?
What is IPG's competitive advantage?
When does IPG's fiscal year end?
How can I receive a copy of IPG Photonics' financial statements?
Does IPG Photonics have a dividend reinvestment program?
When was the Company's initial public offering?
How do I buy IPG Photonics' stock?
When is the next financial results release date?
How many employees does IPG Photonics have?
Who are IPG Photonics' independent accountants?
Who is IPG Photonics' transfer agent?
Who are the financial analysts that follow IPG?
Who do I contact regarding a lost stock certificate or a change of address?
How do I request an IPG investor packet?
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